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The Video Wherein We Finally Concede the Bet

by on May.12, 2011, under Misc., Other Magnificent Bastards, Rock Chalk Chiefs, Videos, vLogs

It took way, way too long to record, then way too long to post, but life happens. Thanks to Rock Chalk Chiefs for joining us, and kudos to the Kansas City Chiefs for proving us wrong last season.

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Ron Winter Eats Babies – An InDepth RCC Interview

by on Oct.24, 2010, under Rock Chalk Chiefs

This is not a Two In The Kingdom episode. It’s just a quick interview with that idiot official who called Interference on Flowers in the Texans game.  Does he think it was a fair call? What’s he think about the Chiefs? Is it true that he eats babies?

Also, he’s wearing a suspiciously prejudiced hat against a certain AFC West team. Which one?

All the answers to these questions and more in this short stab at a humorous interview with the most hated official in the AFC West….

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Two in the Kingdom: 10/15/2010

by on Oct.18, 2010, under Other Magnificent Bastards, Rock Chalk Chiefs

This may be a tiny bit late (so sue me, I didn’t have internet service for the weekend), but check it out as Rock Chalk Chiefs and X Factor discuss the finer points of Matt Cassel hatred and take a call from Bernard Pollard.

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Two in the Kingdom: Bastards Edition

by on Oct.08, 2010, under Other Magnificent Bastards, Rock Chalk Chiefs

Watch our good buddy Rock Chalk Chiefs and I chat about the Bastards and about sports.  Don’t worry, the beard has since made its return. I do love the wacky still shot YouTube chose for this:

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KC Chiefs – How’s Our Bet Looking?

by on Sep.24, 2010, under Rock Chalk Chiefs

Tim and Jeff, and all those – whoever you may be – that are reading these posts:  The bet is currently 6 wins, right?  We have 2 already, and no matter what may be said about our offense, we have 14 (FOURTEEN) more games in which to win only 4 more in this wager.   We might have 3 losses in a row coming up, although I believe the ‘Niners will fall to us in Arrowhead based on the 12th man just as the Chargers did – let alone the fact that the offense WILL start producing soon. And after the the Indy game, even if we’re 2-3, worst case (and if we win against SF, Colts at home are an actual possibility for a surprise upset), we have a schedule ahead of us in which we will secure a significant number of wins.

I have a new idea, if you’re willing to accept it:  put your Chief’s gear on now, so it’s not about a bet, but following the team.  If not, I understand.  You’re waiting for proof – but you might consider it.  Playoffs?  Hmm… Probably not, but it’s actually a distinct possibility.  Why not choose a side BEFORE it’s obvious – win or lose?

Just a thought.

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