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Jaye eats a raw steak.

by on May.18, 2012, under Misc., Videos, vLogs

We haven’t had a video in quite a while, so Jaye offered to eat a raw 8oz Ribeye for your viewing pleasure.

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The Video Wherein We Finally Concede the Bet

by on May.12, 2011, under Misc., Other Magnificent Bastards, Rock Chalk Chiefs, Videos, vLogs

It took way, way too long to record, then way too long to post, but life happens. Thanks to Rock Chalk Chiefs for joining us, and kudos to the Kansas City Chiefs for proving us wrong last season.

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Free Comic Book Day with the Geekvolution crew

by on May.08, 2011, under Geekvolution, Videos, vLogs

I stopped by the Geekvolution table outside of Pop Culture Comix (Overland Park, KS) yesterday, and had a blast talking to those guys. As a little background, I’ve known Captain Logan since junior college and Vince since my days at the University of Kansas, so it’s always great to see them, and they deserve all of the love and respect they get and much, much more. Also, if you haven’t been to Pop Culture Comix, it’s a great place even for someone (like me) who has never been too into comics. The atmosphere is welcoming to geeks and nerds alike, which is what really matters! If you like comics or are just curious about them and happen to be in the Overland Park area, Pop Culture Comix should be a place you check out.

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Karaoke with the Kansas City Bastards

by on Dec.27, 2010, under Videos, vLogs

Jeff and I recently hit up karaoke night at a local bar… these are tapes recovered from the aftermath of that fateful night.

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Tim’s vLogs #2: Podcasts, Lighting, and the Demise of the Production Computer

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Videos, vLogs

More updates, and a story about the seediest motel I’ve seen in person.

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Site News – in video form

by on Oct.30, 2010, under News, Videos, vLogs

Watch me lay down some site news on y’all – I gotta use my little Kodak Zi8 for something, right?

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