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Bastards’ Top 10: Non-hard-rock Songs

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Top 10s, Videos

It’s been a while since any kind of top 10, but especially the musical kind.  This time we did songs that aren’t explicitly considered hard rock – featuring everything from psychobilly to rap to country to Irish folk punk.  Excuse the microphone issues we had once or twice and enjoy the majesty of the non-rock.  Before any of you guys say we missed a band or a song or what have you, keep in mind there are more musical top 10s to come.

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  • Deege

    I always assumed that Cumbersome song was by Collective Soul.

  • Tim Lyons

    Nah, it lacks programmed drums and obvious ProTools work… I do like Collective Soul though, but I could go without their production.

  • Jon

    Aye laddie, I hear you been having a wee bit o’ troble in tyrin’ ta poll up ya fafsa, well here be a bit of soothin’ melodies fer ya, go an’ lisen’ to Floggin’ Molly, they have the rright sound ya what I mean. Now as to that fafsa, you may find it up mah sheep’s arse. I do wish ya luck laddie we just don’t have the powerrrrr to up up ya fafsa, so go talk to yer financial aid addminnistrater. Is therre any otha shit I can give ya? Well thank you fer callin’ the Fucked Student Ass-kissin’ Ignomatic Centere, I hope ya find that there fafsa in mah sheeps arse.

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