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The WBOD – Greg Pallen

by on Jan.25, 2015, under Epic Douchebaggery, Other Magnificent Bastards

I’ve been kind of quiet recently, and for that I apologize, It just seemed that no matter where I looked, nothing fit me as far as “I should write about this and put as many jokes in there as possible on Sunday morning.”Sure, Kurt Busch thinks his ex girlfriend is a trained assassin, and Bill Belichick is playing the “I didn’t know the rules” card again during his team’s latest fiasco, but other than that, nothing. So I went to the the only place I knew I could find something good – Facebook. And behold, I raise up what I found to you with a choir in the background so you may gaze upon the shiny.

Greg Pallen would be like the Cynthia McKinney of stupid politicians from Georgia, except he really didn’t win anything. If you go to his page, you’ll see in all caps US CONGRESS 4th DISTRICT GA which would make you think he’s a congressman from the 4th District, but sadly, he is not. He ran for that spot in 2012 but he just hasn’t accepted defeat yet and removed it. You have to do a little looking to see where he finally announces that he is a FORMER candidate, now he dedicates all his free time (which apparently is quite a lot) talking about the TRUTH. All caps, so you know he means business. If elected, he promised to work to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, corporate bailouts, ┬ámoving to alternative energy, and repealing the PATRIOT Act.

So how did he do? Well, for starters he didn’t even get the nomination. The people have spoken! USA!! USA!!

These days, Pallen spends his days I guess running his small business and making posts to facebook. Posts about – chemtrails, FEMA camps, RFID chips, and his three minute interview with Alex Jones. If you recall, Georgia’s 4th District is also Cynthia McKinney’s old district, and she also believes in chemtrails, FEMA camps, RFID chips… and she also got trounced in her latest attempt to serve the American People by getting 0.12% of all votes cast. Coincidence – maaaaybe.

As most people have a hobby, Pallen seems interested in billboards. He likes to spend time getting gofundme campaigns started so he can put up as many as he can to let the people know that they are being poisoned by high flying airplanes. He also is preparing a protest against the Weather Channel this month and has even warned his attendees (rumored to be in the high tens, maybe 20’s) to “wear appropriate clothing as the Weather Channel can make things ugly in an instant”. Naturally I just had to stop in as an American, granted with free speech and the ability to use it, to see how this champion of the people would respond.

I was blocked and my comment deleted.

I wasn’t the only one though, if you take a look at his comments (and please don’t…) you’ll find that the only comments allowed are the ones that agree with him. No disention here, this is the proof and the truth that he needs to get out. Oh, and the 327 people that are “attending” his little meetup at Hurricane HQ on the 26th includes people from the UK and Canada, which I’m sure will be worth the airfare.

In the end, Pallen just turned out to be one of the regular moonbats who tried to hide the fact that he was batshit insane in order to possibly secure a public office as a platform to demonstrate his batshit craziness all while collecting a tax payer funded paycheck for at least two years. McKinney at least waited until she was in office for an established amount of time before going feet first off the deep end, and that’s why she hasn’t held office since then. But Pallen – nope. There just isn’t any explanation for that. But to add insult to injury, I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that the hypocrite who owns a company that on the daily uses harmful chemicals will point at the sky and say we’re being killed from above got defeated in an election by the man who said Guam would possibly tip over and capsize if the Navy moved 8,000 marines there from Japan. So there’s that.

Greg Pallen, for misleading the People in profession and education, and for eradicating free speech in the process, and for fucking up the scenic route with your god awful billboards, I hereby declare


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