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KC Chiefs – How’s Our Bet Looking?

by on Sep.24, 2010, under Rock Chalk Chiefs

Tim and Jeff, and all those – whoever you may be – that are reading these posts:  The bet is currently 6 wins, right?  We have 2 already, and no matter what may be said about our offense, we have 14 (FOURTEEN) more games in which to win only 4 more in this wager.   We might have 3 losses in a row coming up, although I believe the ‘Niners will fall to us in Arrowhead based on the 12th man just as the Chargers did – let alone the fact that the offense WILL start producing soon. And after the the Indy game, even if we’re 2-3, worst case (and if we win against SF, Colts at home are an actual possibility for a surprise upset), we have a schedule ahead of us in which we will secure a significant number of wins.

I have a new idea, if you’re willing to accept it:  put your Chief’s gear on now, so it’s not about a bet, but following the team.  If not, I understand.  You’re waiting for proof – but you might consider it.  Playoffs?  Hmm… Probably not, but it’s actually a distinct possibility.  Why not choose a side BEFORE it’s obvious – win or lose?

Just a thought.

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