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Site News – in video form

by on Oct.30, 2010, under News, Videos, vLogs

Watch me lay down some site news on y’all – I gotta use my little Kodak Zi8 for something, right?

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  • Jaye

    dood. bliptv sucks. been loading since… breakfast

  • Tim Lyons

    Yeah, I’ve been working on fixing that – they switched to h.264 for everything, and for whatever reason it’s affecting embedded players on new videos. I might default to YouTube if I can’t get it fixed soon. For whatever reason though, now it wants you to load the whole video before it will play instead of loading as normal. I’d imagine they’re working on it.

  • Tim Lyons

    Well, now it’s loading properly for me – I don’t know if that’s because I put up an FLV file or if they just happened to get shit fixed.

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