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Damn That’s Cool: TribesNEXT – like Halo Reach, but without Halo

by on Nov.07, 2010, under Blogs, Damn That's Cool

I was excited when Halo Reach came out, because one of the armor power-ups was a jetpack that worked in short bursts.  Why was I excited?  Because it made it like Starsiege:Tribes.  Yeah.  I do love Tribes, and I certainly love Tribes 2, and both were made available online for free as part of the promotion for Tribes:Vengence (which I have not yet played).

That said, the master servers for Tribes and Tribes 2 went offline a while back, so finding new master servers is required to really enjoy your experience playing these groundbreaking (in my opinion) first person shooters.  The easiest way I found was to download the whole TribesNEXT package (for Tribes 2) and let it rip.  Fun stuff – check it out: http://www.tribesnext.com/

I’ll see you on the battlefield.

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  • moe

    did you ever get into Halo online?Yes the first one.That was the only game I ever played online & these days I use my phone as a modem so online gaming is pretty much out of the question.

  • Tim Lyons

    Never really got into it – it seemed like more of an Xbox thing than a PC thing, and by the time it actually came out for PC I wasn’t too excited about it.

  • moe

    yeah I hear yea.It was my first time realizing how online play can show me how much I sucked.I had no idea, I always did good at games ect.yes I’m a big nerd still(im 42 on sun,holy balls I’m old)However when I got this game it made me realize how big online gaming was.Not only could you play the game but someone could tell you in text how much you blew at the game.I got better in time but then I got called a hacker……..yay! then there was WoW

  • Tim Lyons

    See, I mainly played games like Quake 2, Starsiege (the original, Mechwarrior-like series that Tribes spun from), and Tribes. Past that I’ve never been a huge online gamer, mainly because I suck. 😉

    Starsiege was badass though. I wonder if that’s out there somewhere…

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