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Damn That’s Cool: Abandonia

by on Nov.15, 2010, under Blogs, Damn That's Cool

Like old DOS games?  I certainly do – I grew up on the damn things.  The problem is, while there’s software out there to help you run it (DOSBox being a good example), it’s difficult to find sometimes.  Enter Abandonia – the site that indexes all of the DOS games out there that were abandoned by their publishers, and thus are now free to download legally.  There’s a goldmine in there.  As an example, I was able to play the Ghostbusters 2 DOS game again for the first time in probably 15 years as a result of this site.  Granted not all DOS-based games are free to download, since some of them still receive support (Doom, Duke Nukem, etc.), but there’s a lot of good stuff there and it’s worth poking around.  Check it out: http://www.abandonia.com/

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