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Damn That’s… Even Cooler?! Super Mario Crossover Revisited

by on Dec.20, 2010, under Blogs, Damn That's Cool

First and foremost, Jaye sends his apologies for the Weekly Bag of Douche not being around this week – his modem imploded, so he’s stuck without the internet until those Comcast sons of bitches fix it.

Now, on to the topic at hand:  Super Mario Crossover.  Yes, I wrote about this one before.  However, since writing about it initially (as the first “Damn That’s Cool,” incidentally), they’ve managed to make it cooler.  How could they possibly make a concept so innately awesome even more so?

Well, turns out it was pretty simple – add a couple new characters.  In this case, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and Sophia the 3rd from Blaster Master.  In fact, in between writing the new “Fuck This Asshole” video, getting this week’s podcast recorded, and doing some freelance stuff, I took time to play through the game in its entirety as the aforementioned Blaster Master protagonist, and I have to say – HOLY JESUS THIS IS FUCKING SWEET!  Seriously – stop reading this RIGHT NOW and try it out.  Then come back, of course…


…Ok, you good?  Anyway, there are several other new features to mention such as difficulty settings, a cheats menu, and an alternate fire button (particularly useful when you are playing as Ryu or Sophia).  All other great things said about it in the past are still accurate, but the new features and, more importantly, new characters really send it over the top.  I hate retreading ground, but this really is worth checking out.

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