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The WBOD – Casey Anthony

by on Apr.10, 2011, under About the Bastards

I have literally lost all faith in humanity now.

this is Casey Anthony

a couple of beers later, and she was doing this

Ok, so, she’s a hot chick who drinks and makes out with other women. What’s the problem?
There’s the problem, and that’s why we’re also showing you this

The overused iconic courtroom drama shot.

Ok, so, this means she was out partying and something happened to her little girl and now she’s on trial for it, right? Wrong. This isn’t as simple as this, this is the KANSAS CITY BASTARDS WEEKLY BAG OF DOUCHE and we go big or go the fuck home. So sit your ass down for some douchebaggery.

That adorable little girl above is Caylee Anthony, and she was reported missing on July 15th, 2008. Sadly, her remains were found December 11th. Her mother Casey was arrested and charged with her murder. Aaaaand this is where it gets goofy.

While she was reported missing in July, it was later found out that NO ONE had seen little Caylee for over a month. Casey’s car was also retrieved from an impound lot with a putrid smell coming out of the trunk. This smell was attributed to “rotting pizza”. When asked why there was a discrepancy between the disappearance of Caylee and the reporting of it, Casey said she was looking for her by herself. Consequently Casey also said Caylee was at a babysitter and then produced a name of a woman who had never even met her before. On top of that, she also lied about her job and during that 31 days that Caylee had gone missing she was seen out having a grand old time gettin’ her drank on, fool!!! And it was later determined that the smell in her car was not food, it was human remains and that concluded that Casey had driven around town with her child’s dead body in the trunk.

For a month.

On top of that comes the offbeat behavior of her parents who seem to be coming out of the woodwork with excuses and as muddled if not more information that what their daughter was giving police. Then her dad was found in a hotel room trying to commit suicide saying he wanted to be with Caylee… what the fuck kind of family is this group of people?

NOW, they also found her diary, they seized her computer and unearthed searches for neck breaking, and how to make chloroform, and they also found duct tape, bags and heart shaped stickers in her home. Why heart stickers? There was a heart shaped sticker imprint on the duct tap that was around the mouth a Caylee when her remains were found.

Casey Anthony pleaded not guilty.

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